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TOPIC: Installing the DICOM Viewer

The DICOM Viewer is an complete functioning DICOM based viewer for viewing DICOM Medical images.

  • If the DICOM Viewer has been installed, Uninstall previous versions of the program(s):
    1. Start->All Programs->WebInterstate->DICOM Viewer ->UnInstall DICOM Viewer Application

  • Install the DICOM Viewer - Download DICOM Viewer (file is named WebiViewer_windows_6_0_1.exe)

    Note: Save the file to your local computer, then click it to run the install.

  • Configure the DICOM Viewer:

    1. Double click WebiViewer_windows_6_0_1.exe

    2. Follow the prompts - accept the license agreement and use the default settings

    3. Start->All Programs->WebInterstate->WebInterstate DICOM Viewer->DICOM Viewer